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We are a small band of brothers and sisters called of God to be the laborers together with Christ. As His love and grace inspiring us to spread the gospel as we experienced it the solution for the total being, our priority of vision is reaching unreached villages through Word and deed.

Our policy is embracing little and do justice to the embraced. We are located in Nellore Didtrict where there are 1158 villages, among them many interior villages are not reached. Now we are running 22 congregations having members 40 to 100 and good Sunday Schools. Each body of Christ is being shepherding by a local shepherd and family.

Everyday 1 cor 9:16 and 14 mark 1:38 stir our Zeal and each worker have been reaching at least 3 surrounding villages to plant churches.Many places have no reasonable prayer Halls for worship except thatched houses in which snakes,dogs and cattle take rest.Every year cyclone damages them.

We are also providing tube wells to have clean water to the village public within our limited financial abilities.

We welcome your pleasure to consider the partnership to glorify God's will.Well wishers and seekers of the Kingdom may come and see and enjoy the God shaped ministry.

In passion of christ,

Sadhu Sundar Singh Parimi & Esther

Nell means ricepaddy and uru means living place.Nellore is a big town,the headquaters of Nellore District. It also goes by the name simhapuri stands on the bank of river pennar.Pennar flows from West to East and merge in Bay of Bengal.Population of the town is 400 thousand people(appox).Villages in this district are 1158.Population of the villages is 2 million.Vast portion of the land geographically is draught.Only 7 Percent is under irrigation.Area 13,160 sq.km.In villages almost every community people use to live.Man riding rickshaws are seen everywhere as the common man's transport.Hot food carts are seen in every center in big villages and all towns.

  Geographical area   --13,160 sq.km.

Seacoast    --170 km.

Irrigation land is   -- 4%
 Most of the land is rocky and draught,flood  and Cyclones beat almost every  year.
  Daily labourers depending on daily seasonal work are half million(5 lakhs).
  India was the birthplace of religious systems such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. The Population is 1 billion +.  
 Christians 2.3 percent

 Hindus 80.5 percent

 Muslims 13.4 percent

  Sikh 1:9 and Others 1:8 percent.
Certificate of Registration Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act
it was the time I was grieving for the multitudes living in villages knowing nothing about the reality of life, culture, morals to observe and the awareness of truth after death. In a single word the innocent people are blinded as is recorded in 2 Cor 4:4, -- the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them---”.

Evangelism is the trunk of this ministries. Supporting pastors @INR .2000. ($50) Each pastor feeding local flock and reaching 3 surrounding villages to plant churches.

Tubewell water project to help all communities with clean water. Cost approximately IRS 40,000. From A to Z.($1025) So far 8 projects finished.

Churches : A reasonable Prayer Halls, in the name of ‘Gorrepilla Mandiram” are provided in place of leaf huts for local Body of Christ as per area. Some areas are facing cyclones.

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